Mario Bava e Raoul Walsh

I shot the film in six weeks. Working conditions were very different from Hollywood. Those guys, the Italians, work hard enough though. And I had the chance of using a very good cameraman, Mario Bava, who works very quickly. He is a master of everything that concerns lighting. He could do marvellous things with only the smallest amount of light.

Raoul Walsh 

The Americans, (Raoul) Walsh for example, "covered himself," as they say. The single preoccupation was not to be inventive, but "to cover," that is to be sure to have got everything. They shot the same scene twenty times for fear of making a mistake. Once I said to Walsh, on the set of Esther and the King, "Why don't you throw all the pages of the script that you've filmed into a brazier, that way you'll be sure you haven't forgotten anything?" He took the hint and laughed.

Mario Bava 


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